Hi, I'm Jayesh Bapu Ahire.

I demystify AI for people and build cool projects. I like to travel around the world to present at various conferences.


Jayesh Bapu Ahire is an organizer of the Pune Elasticsearch User Group, Pune AWS User Group, twilio and Microsoft AI community. Jayesh is an AI Researcher doing research on Distributed Neural Computers with renowned universities. He is a freelance cloud consultant. Jayesh has authored books on Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, and Simulation Hypothesis. He writes a technical blog and his articles are published in many renowned publications. He has been awarded a title of Twilio Champion by Twilio and Most Valuable Blogger by Dzone.

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The ethics of AI

Whether in daily mobility, in industrial applications or in the form of assistance solutions at home:...

Demystifying the XOR problem

Demystifying the XOR problem

In my previous post on Extreme learning machines I told that the famous pioneers in AI Marvin Minsky...

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